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Spring bursts forth in March.   The days become longer with plenty of sunshine throughout the month, though evenings remain chilly.   Flowering spring shrubs start to blossom.    April is a lovely month in this region.   The trees uncurl their leaves, sunshine and showers best describe April.   Roses start to bloom, lunches are often taken alfresco. and the pool is opened.    May heralds the onset of summer.   Birds and bees are busy in the warm sunshine, and summer Tshirts and shorts come out of the closet.   There are several bank holidays during May and on fine days people flock to the coast. 

June is a glorious month.   Long warm sunny days with the occasional night time shower.  Average daytime temperatures are a pleasant 26 degrees.  Most meals are alfresco with plenty of BBQs.  July bring lovely summer heat.  Average temperatures around 28 degrees.  July can throw spectacular thunderstorms and on occasional days temps can rise to near 40 degrees when the pool comes into its own.  August is invariably hot and try.  Produce from the vegetable garden is abundant.   Summer continues well in September.  The heat of high summer dissipates with cooler nights.   A gorgeous month

January is mainly cold with plenty of frost and rarely snow.   Though many days during January can be surprisingly warm and sunny. The rain comes down like stair rods mainly during the night.  Locally the hunting season is in full swing and the mimosa, camelias and azaleas start to bloom.  February can be cold and frosty with the odd snowy day.   However, the days become visibly longer, and this month brings out the paintbrushes!  Lots of things to do in the house and garden in preparation for the wonderful months ahead.  

October heralds Autumn but days are often warm.   A little nip in the air in the morning and the leaves start to turn.  The fiery red of the Maples are beautiful, and huge flocks of migrating cranes soar overhead.  The pool is closed at end of the month.  November bonfires are allowed, and the rains start.  December often produces lovely warm late mornings and afternoons, temps can be as high as 25 degrees on some days.  Pleasant enough to have lunch outside.  Fires are lit and woodsmoke is in the air. Christmas preparations are in full swing. 


Weather at Chateau Coye 


The weather in this region is reliable, and seasons clearly demarcated.


 During January through to early March, the weather can be variable, ranging from sun, showers, wind, frosts and sometimes snow.   These months are the best for seeing the snow capped Pyrennees from the house. The frosty starlit nights are stunning.  Dawn is around 8.00am and dusk 6.00pm.


April and May,  spring is in full swing.  The days lengthen and the suns strengthens.   A lovely time to visit Coye for those who want to avoid the high heat of summer, but still enjoy being outdoors. 


June, July and August are the hottest and driest months of the year.   Occasionally there are spectacular thunderstorms and torrential downpours, usually at night.   There are many fetes, festivals, carnivals and sporting events held regularly throughout the season.  


September and October are usually gloriously warm and fruitful months.   The sun continues to provides heat during the days and the evenings begin to turn chilly.   Lovely walking and cycling weather.      The grape, sunflower  and maize harvests keep the farmers busy.


November is usually mild and grey with some sun.   December weather is settled.  It can be warm by day, warm enough to sit outside to have a morning coffee or alfresco lunch.


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